Semi-automatic ABC – list of typos

December 8, 2011

I’m very pleased that next week my paper with Paul Fearnhead is being discussed at the Royal Statistical Society. Unfortunately there are still several typos in the manuscript so I’ll keep an up to date list of them here. This is expanded from a comment I wrote on Xian Robert’s blog – thanks to him and others for spotting these. I’ll post up a link to my summary slides on the paper for the pre-ordinary meeting when I’ve finished writing them…


  • We write K[\ldots]/h in several places where K[\ldots/h] would be correct.
  • The definition of Algorithm 3 on page 6 should define s_\text{obs} = S(y_\text{obs}) + hx, not h(x).
  • Theorem 1 should state “Algorithm 3 produces an ABC posterior that is calibrated”, not Algorithm 1.
  • In the last equation in the proof of Theorem 2, the final \theta should be \theta_0.
  • In the proof of Theorem 2, there is a 1/h factor before an integral in two places. This should be 1/h^d (where d is the dimension of the summary statistics).
  • On line 44 of page 4 we write h(\theta), which should be a(\theta).